CrossFit & Group Training

Our Group Training Timetable

Booking are essential as we cap our participants in group sessions.

Every session is supervised and coached by one of our trainers, the ensure we can tailor the intensity and difficulty to suit every individual.

Introductory trial for LOCALS who LIVE PERMANENTLY in the Bega Valley 

 New local clients can check us out on a 2wk trial for $40. 

NOTE: We are not currently accepting new clients in our 6am sessions as they are at capacity. Access to 6am sessions will not be included in trial memberships. Trial clients must be 18+yrs.

To get started on a trial, click here

Out of Town Drop Ins - We welcome CrossFit visitors from other boxes who are visiting our area. If you wish to attend when travelling, please contact Kim on 0402947533 prior to attending the gym to ensure we have room in the session you wish to attend.

We are an official CrossFit® approved affiliate!

CrossFit® is the sport of fitness and was developed to improve an individuals competency at all physical tasks. Sessions incorporate cardiovascular fitness, strength, power, speed, stamina, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. We use varied training methods such as Olympic lifting, weight lifting, gymnastics and mobility movements in a competitive but welcoming atmosphere. 

CrossFit Sapphire welcomes participants from all levels of fitness. Our coaches will tailor each workout to a level suitable to each individual participant, to ensure your safety and success. Every workout can be scaled down in terms of difficulty and skill to suit the beginner, whilst still challenging the more advanced trainer.

Throughout the year we will host in-house competitions such as the CrossFit Open® and the CrossFIt Sapphire Throwdown for our athletes.

The CrossFit Journal

Our Active Group Training program incorporate all the elements of fitness into one session. Every session incorporates strength, cardio conditioning, core and mobility and is fully supervised by a trainer. 

We program many of the CrossFit movements into theses sessions, but remove the more technical movements of Olympic Lifting and advanced gymnastics movements.

Active Group Training sessions run on a 5 week training block, with every session different from Monday to Friday. Our trainers develop the program ensuring balance of muscle groups and consistency of movement to get you optimum results.

This session has a specific focus on building strength in the movements of squat and press (strict or bench press). We focus on these movements as they transfer over to many other movements we complete regularly in our CrossFit Sapphire sessions, including all versions of squat (back, front, overhead, pistol), thrusters, strict and push press, squat cleans, squat snatch. 

The Staying Active sessions are low to moderate intensity exercise sessions, with a specific focus on strength and balance. They are suitable for participants 50yrs and over. Participants are prescribed an individual session plan suitable to them, which is regularly monitored by the attending trainer.

Staying Active is a NSW Funded program delivered in collaboration with Vitality Club and Active Exercise Physiology, which means we can offer it at a subsidised rate compared to our other programs. Staying Active sessions are $12.50 per sesion, and separate to our other memberships.

We also offer a CrossFit Kids and CrossFit Teens program. For more information on our CrossFit Kids and Teens programs click here

Group Training Price List 

Interested in checking our group training sessions out? If you live permanently in the Bega Valley and are over 18years, we offer a 2week trial for $40 to get started! *T&C's apply

If you wish to continue after your trial, then our normal packages are available in the pic below.

* Trial offer not available to short term visitors to the Bega Valley. If you are visiting for a short period, contact us and we can organise a suitable package for you.